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  • News 2016-08-10
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Time: 11 a.m. on July 31, 2016

Route: Beijing Olympic park - 751 art district

Vehicles: stir iTank

Collection location: Beijing Olympic park national conference center


When I walked every street here, my heart can never seem to calm.

In addition to the roar of the engine and electric voa, I seem to hear his candle bone of the heart.


Beijing, for everyone seems to have a kind of magic power that attract, it not only is the capital city, economic development, cultural prosperity, and the city also has great tolerance for new things, this guy not only hospitality, but also interesting and fun.


So, in Beijing, here we come!





This summer, we met because of the funny ha iTank and trolley together online chat, talk, talk about beautification, chat, this time, let's get together, ride a bike, chat, talk about you and funny story. After plotting to make powder preparation with Beijing, the first to make ha iTank offline riding successfully held in Beijing on July 31


Cycling team set 11:00 AM


The weather, there are scattered drizzle activities on that day in the morning, just wait until 9 o 'clock the rain has stopped, the weather in Beijing at the moment the temperature is appropriate, not violent the sun did not rain, the ground began to dry, the environment is very suitable for riding!









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