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To make the science and technology to create a pioneer in China Make the science and technology (hangzhou) co., LTD., is a well-known traditional locomotive manufacturing enterprises and large investment institutions, travel equipment of high and new technology enterprise, dedicated to new energy spirit, through the integration of innovative technology and craftsmen build highly intelligent locomotive driving experience, personality to promote the sustainable development of the traffic. Enterprise vision: learn from huawei, do create a pioneer in China. Core concept: powered by innovation, originality, for inheritance, with love is responsibility. Main business: new energy intelligent locomotive. Technology patents, with dozens of patent technology, pioneering underneath type can roll deflection of double front wheel structure. Social responsibility: to provide new energy worldwide transportation scheme, help the sustainable development of traffic. Made with science and technology innovation as the core power of science and technology, cross-border fusion driven industry structure remodeling, and aspire to new energy, the integration of Internet +, link with more tolerant, open and humanistic attitude, to create a new ecosystem of motorcycle industry development, Chinese micro intelligent locomotive leading travel.

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Creative, perfect, be short of one cannot
Since the founding, our constant pursuit of direction, focus on a product to better pursuit of high quality, this is the value of the existence of doohan. We are also in the future based on this belief and continue to create.
In constant innovation and practice sums up the sustainable and reliable production process, insist on thinking, together with user to find and solve problems with the method of the design, output, product plan, and implement customer products and the improvement of quality of life.
Doohan accumulated a large number of excellent partners worldwide, and verify the product value of life. Sum up experience in the continuous exploration of science and technology, take customer satisfaction as the guidance, continue to provide more customers with excellent products.


We are in pursuit of quality and strive to continuously exceed their own team, each member is intimate partner, growth and development together with the company. We respect every time cooperation opportunities and challenges, and constantly improve and strive to perfect. Team adhering to the dedicated, professional design service thinking, let the customer through the application of the great value of the product life, and explore the infinite possibility. Love design and believe in the power of innovation let us move forward…

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